SLP Mumbai, India. Class 2013, Session3.

What the users want!

This was the esence of Product development that was emphasised by every speaker in session 3. Mohit Garg of Mindtickle gave us an insight into human psychology when explaining why and how gamification works. Pranay Srinivasan was so gung-ho about the success of evitaran that he resembled a warrior fighting his turf sans sword! The deepdive sure got his adrenaline flowing.

Srikar of Godrej Interiors along with Fahad drove us into the beautiful world of design with a video on Ideo. Their process of building a prototype gave insights on considering customer’s long term requirements, space and budget constraints when designing.

We connected with Sampat Swain of instamojo that was an open-heart surgery for an insight of his trials and turbulations when building a web based consumer product. He also emphasised that if you get customer traction you dont need an investor. So you should have a maniac-like focus on what your users want.

A deep-dive into Anil Amesur’s Godelight was a learning for us on the importance of validating hypothesis on customer acceptance of your idea, real-time.

Nischal Shetty is a cool guy who got 1 million followers by just teaching them to unfollow! Avlesh Singh of webengage busted all myths of extensive research before product launch. His key to success was again finding the right customer within a large Corporate who had a problem and making his life easier.

Before Yasser’s ADD got disruptive, we all headed for drinks at the Juhu club, thanks to V.C Karthic.

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