SLP in Nice @ Medical Imaging Conference

James and Raul met at a world leading medical imaging conference to discuss their respective ventures. James is working on ways to improve how motion is dealt with in the treatment of lung cancer as well as developing a revolutionary steering system for more environmentally friendly forklift trucks. Raul intends to forever improve our access to key personalised health information, such as an individuals future propensity to various types of cardiovascular disease. The meeting was excellent. There was much discussion with Nice as a backdrop! Further meetings are arranged in Monte Carlo and when James is in Boston next year.

State of the art computing techniques are becoming ever more important in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and are accelerating the time novel treatments are brought not the clinic. This pattern is only set to continue, with increased funding and interest globally.

The conference exhibited leading research in MRI, CT, ultrasound and other novel technologies. Interesting work include surgical gesture estimation, segmenting areas of the brain possibly contributing to schizophrenia and scarless surgery using a robot which enters the body through a body orifice.


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